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... in the kitchen!


Built-in or free-standing, appliances are bigger and smarter.


High BTU cooktop burners, with grills, griddles and woks.


Combination cooking with micro/convection/conventional ovens, and gas and electric burners,

sometimes on the same cooktop.


Gas and electric modular surface units to mix any way you want.


Improved down-draft and up-draft ventilation.


Stainless steel "commercial-look" is hot, hot, hot!



Look is efficient, space-saving modulars with accessories for every purpose.


Quality controlled factory-built cabinetry has replaced built-on-the-job cabinets as the preference

of savvy homeowners.


European construction is gaining popularity. Whether traditional or contemporary styling, wood or

laminate, today’s factory applied maintenance-free finishes and easy-operating hardware are

designed to make kitchen life easier.


Light wood colors waning, rich medium-dark wood tones are gaining in popularity.


Maple and cherry woods (oak is declining) and distressed, aged finishes are prevalent. High gloss

finishes are still popular in contemporary styled kitchens.



Real granite and other stone surfaces are favored in upscale kitchens.


Solid surface materials which are repairable and life-time are available in more colors than ever,

including granite look-a-likes. These solid color surfaces are more costly than laminate, but offer

more custom edge options, plus the advantage of a seamless renewable surface.


Ceramic tile, especially on backsplashes in combinations with a smooth counter surface, is great

for color and texture.


Stainless steel - frequently used for high-tech or professional look.


Butcher block - great for specific areas - not usually recommended at sink. New research says it

does not harbor bacteria any more than other surfaces!


Laminate is most economical and offers wide color variation.



Selection can be difficult because of so many areas opening up onto today’s "great room" kitchens.


Advances in wood floor finishes make it popular choice for the entire area.


Stone - limestone, slate, other natural stone materials are frequent choices in upscale homes.


Laminate flooring - gaining popularity as new patterns emerge. Easy to maintain.


Ceramic tile remains great in warm climates because it is cool and easy to care for. Vinyl is economical

and still used more than any other kitchen flooring material in mid-priced range kitchens.



Lots of natural light, open and airy. Skylights, garden windows, decorative glass panels and glass

block in many sizes and textures are widely used, with dramatic artificial lighting for evening and

dark days.


Under-cabinet lighting is a must, and sometimes lighting on top of cabinets bouncing off walls and

high ceiling.


Low voltage halogen offers long-lasting, energy efficient bright light. Xenon is also bright, but cooler

and longer lasting.


We strive to offer an experience that exceeds expectations in design, personalized service and top quality installations.