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Philip Carr



Having spent over 30 years in the kitchen and bath business in millwork,

installation and design- 4 years as a apprentice furniture and cabinet

maker the other 26 years "self employed" in this industry as a designer,

fabricator and installer excelling in finished interiors. Having high

standards to create a beautiful and timely kitchen and bath or remodeling

project for home and commercial & retail businesses.


My approach to design-build is to focus on space that best embodies his

client's requests while maintaining the best appearance-

balancing that idea with professional results.


Having customers say:

"They love it and wouldn't change a thing" many years after the

project is completed is what I cherish most!


Contract Kitchens & Bath proudly offers service of the highest quality

that goes well beyond the design phase of your project. Equipped to handle

the most conplex complete kitchen and bathroom remodels, skilled craftsmen

provide the best installation in the Metro Detroit area.


Begin your project by calling me, Philip Carr and we can set up an appointment,

I come to you and you’ll find first class installs looking at my portfollio and you’ll

find inspiration in my offerings complimented by selections from my expansive

range of cabinetry options. We begin with an in-depth discussion of your goals

for the space, in terms of both style and function. A state-of-the-art computer

aided design program called "Pro Kitchen" will bring your new space to










Complimented by selections from a expansive range of cabinetry options.

I don’t begin the tear out until your new cabinets have arrived, part of our

commitment to keeping your project on schedule. I'll show up when we’re

supposed to and do what I say I will, completing an installation that’s as

hassle-free as possible.


State of Michigan licensed and fully insured to give you peace of mind.


You may have a project already designed and just need a of professional

installation, I install for homeowners, kitchen and bath retail stores,

contractors and do a wide range of commercial work.



I have been blessed to have the "best customers" through the years!




Customer Comments:



"Philip is a true professional, who produces a high quality job". Philip was very courteous,

committed, and the job he did exceeded our expectations."


Debbie K- Canton, Mi.



I can speak for both of us when we say we LOVE the kitchen. Honestly, we won't change a thing. We

love the design and are so glad we ended up with you as our contractor.  The amount od detail and care

that went into everything is obvious and we still talk about what a great experience working with you was.

We will definitely be calling you when we're ready for another project and have been recommending you

for anyone thinking of a kitchen or bath.  Thanks again Phil. Looking forward to speaking with you/seeing

you soon.


Mat & Kristin - (Plymouth, Mi.)






"Philip has been the only contractor that we have used in the past 13 years. Philip has

completed major renovations at our current home and our prior home also. He gutted

our current kitchen down to the 2 x 4's and even removed the support wall and replaced

it with a 700 lb beam. Over the last 13 years he has done 2 kitchens, 5 bathrooms a

basement bar, french doors, interior doors, removed a closet in the foyer, relocated

laundry to the 1st floor and countless other jobs.  We have NEVER had a issue with any

job!!!!!!  Philip is clearly the best in the industry!!!!!"


Year 1st hired 1999

Top qualities: Great results, Expert, High Integrity


Teresa & Jeff  (Westland,  Mi.)






You asked me the name of the contractor that planned/constucted our kitchen. (Info to folllow) He is extremely

competent, has good ideas, gives good advice, is very flexible, works independently in all areas, holds his promised

completion date and is very trustworthy.  (I left the house in his hands repeatly.  Our kitchen was torn down to

total completion in only 13 work days. I would highly recommend him.  Actually, I would consider no other for

any home modernization or repair. One more thing- - - Philip is user-friendly!


Owner:  Philip Carr

Contract Kitchens & Bath   (But also has other areas of experience)

Designer / Builder

Phone:  248-872-5953



We are more than completely satisfied with his work.  

K. Griffin/Cheney




Philip Carr remodeled our kitchen several years ago. Years before that, although we didn't

remember at the time, he had remodeled our parents' kitchen too! The job he did, both times,

was above and beyond our expectations. On time, within budget, all the things you need to

achieve success. I have actively referred him to people I hear are planning similar projects,

and am always glad when they listen up. *****5 Stars

H Miller- Beverly Hills, Mi





Hi Philip,


First I / We love the bathroom!!!!! You did a fantastic job!!! Thank you for hanging the mirrors also. 

You are a pleasure to have around and do great meant a lot to have someone in our house

that I trusted to leave here alone, that doen't happen with me.  So I thank you for that also.


Take care of yourself and we hope everything that is good for you!

Linda & Jerry  West Bloomfield,  Mi. 







Philip- We are still enjoying the kitchen, basement and garage. It's amazing what a difference

it makes to have everything updated, convenient and beautiful. We appreciate your great work!

Mike & Helen R.

Beverly Hills, Mi.






Hi Phil!


I just wanted to tell you what a GREAT job you did on Scott's bathroom and to tell you I can't wait until mine is done!! Scott and I are wondering if you would like to give us a quote on the kitchen. Basically, we would like the one wall moved back, new cabinets, new floor, and new countertops and sink. We will purchase all new appliances, but will probably have you install them. We are hoping to start it after the bathrooms. I am not sure what your schedule is like once you have completed the bathrooms. Please let me know what you need from me or if you are or are not interested in quoting the kitchen remodel.

Thank you

Anne (Novi, Mi.)   


P.S.   Great! We can talk about it once you are comfortable doing so...just say the word! Thank you for all of your hard work and extra effort to make things perfect!!





OMG.I can't believe how bad the old bathrooms looked!!! Thank you for all of your hard work and craftsmanship and for all of the little extra touches! We love our bathrooms and I would certainly hope you can do the kitchen too! I am going to try and attach some of the pics I took if you want to use them!

Anne (Novi, MI.)






Good Morning Phil!

Scott and I just wanted to say "Thank You" for going out of your way to get the light bulb for the kitchen. We appreciate all that you have done for us and for all of the little extras that you do that makes you stand out from the rest!! We love our new kitchen and maybe one of these days when our lives settle down for a minute, we can have you over for dinner.


Take care and again, Thank You!










I hope you're well. I have a potential new client for you.

One of my best friends (since kindergarten) is buying a new house. She wants to do a new kitchen

and loves the workmanship in mine. Plus, she was in and out while the work on my kitchen was

being done and she was most impressed with your work ethic, neatness and workmanship. She

wants you to do the work. She was very impressed with your working late hours and weekends to

get my job done more quickly plus how neat and clean you left things at night. Her kitchen will also

be a tear-out and re-do! Are you interested? I told her I would ask you.


Anyway, I raved about you plus she had already seen how you work so it really wasn't much of a sales

job on my part.  Especially when I told her that you did the plumbing, electrical, put appliances in place,

etc. and basically handled the whole thing.


Anyway, let me know if you want me to give her your phone number/email address, etc.


M. Mcloud    -Livonia, Mi.






Ben and I were thoroughly impressed with your knowledge, quality of workmanship and

demeanor. You are very professional and patient. We greatly appreciated you taking the

time to educate us and be honest. I see the quality of detail you can bring to finish the job,

along with a new floor,new countertops and new cabinets alone have really sharpened this



Karen - Rochester Hills, Mi






Hi, Phil!

We're getting ready to do our two bathrooms upstairs, and want to know if you would be interested?

Second, we still daily look at, love & very much appreciate our beautiful kitchen and the great work

that you did --


Diane & Todd Z. Troy, Michigan




Thanks, Phil. You did a fantastic job; we couldn’t be happier with the results! My parents are coming out to visit

for Christmas and can hardly wait to see what has been done - we've told them all about the amazing

work you did. Thank you! :-)

~Amy Livonia, Mi




Hi Philip,

Attached are a few photos I took this morning of our finished bathroom. I just installed the wall art last night and I love how everything turned out.

Thanks again for all your help on this project!

Brandie R. Waterford, Michigan

Philip... Art and I definitely want to thank you for the Applebee's gift cards you sent to us. It was very, very generous of you to think of us on both occasions. We certainly appreciate your consideration. Have a good rest of February, a great Easter, and an even better rest of 2011.

Kathy C.Livonia


P.s. The kitchen is wonderful and we're enjoying it very much (especially the not creaking our neck sideways to see from the old kitchen into the family room). We have been receiving nothing but compliments for your work and design.






Phil did a fantastic job.  He is a real pleasure to work with. I hope I can work with him again for future projects. Phil is meticulous and neat.


Thanks again,

Mary Z.  (Plymouth, Mi.)






"Phil first remade my mother-in-laws kitchen, many years ago, although we did not meet at the time, or even know his name.  Ten years later, coincidentally, we hired him to do ours, and its a beautiful job. We've recommended him to many who ended up using his services - I've lost count.  My sister's new bathroom is fabulous - she made the design decisions, but the workmanship is all his!'


Top Qualities:  Great results, Personable, Expert


Harra M.